Living A Better Story

Achieving Success - The Difference in Happiness is Spirituality

Episode Summary

This episode of the Living a Better Story Podcast features Steve D'Angelo, GTM Advisor at D'Angelo Advisors and award-winning author of A Single Day of Peace. Steve shares the genesis of his book and starts by recalling the lessons of life and death that he learned through his brother's brain cancer. He also shares 3 instances when he felt God's undeniable existence, with one of them the compulsion he felt to write his book. The book follows the story of a corporate leader espousing guiding principles grounded in God and faith. Steve’s hope is that readers realize that financial success without spirituality is hollow and that the world is a better place when we all find our better place. A Single Day of Peace was rated number 1 bestseller on Amazon and recently won the 2021 PenCraft Book Award for Christian Nonfiction.

Episode Notes


02:45 Learning sales early and setting big goals

06:44 Steve's brother's brain cancer taught awareness of life after death

11:46 God's undeniable existence: Ball boy job in '79, surviving 9/11, and writing his book

18:37 Successful people: The difference in happiness is spirituality

21:10 A Single Day of Peace: A business leader embraced the meaning in Christ

25:41 Get a copy on Amazon and connect with Steve


13:18 "I got the (ball boy) job and I come in the next day to get my uniform, go into the clubhouse, get ready, practice with the players. And I'm like, holy cow, I got this job. And I often say too many people got tired of hearing from me. God because I kept praying over and over, and Pat Kelly's office got tired of here from me calling him." 

16:10 "I won first place in the inspirational and Christian category. You know, candidly,  I'm not a writer. I really am not. I'm a software professional, but I wrote a book, got divine guidance, and all these good things have happened with the book."

19:24 "Many people that have a lot of financial success are not happy because they're not living by the right principles. So they're frustrated. Maybe they're arrogant. Their disposition isn't good. They're not thankful."

22:27 "I always say is that ultimately the goal of the book is to help make the world a better place by helping people find their better place. And if they read my book and they're inspired and they find a better place within themselves, their own spirit, the God inside them, they'll do more for others."

26:34 “I remember when I first started working with you, people told me... oh, you get to work with Steve. He's going to help you make a lot of money… I think as we both go into the second round of nine holes a week, we make the turn, hopefully what they'll say now is, oh yeah, if you get to work with Steve, he'll help you with your spirituality.”

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